We design for fun and for function. Need a walk-about character to promote your chain of pizzerias? You got it. Need a new character for your live-action fantasy episodic? Done. Need characters for a theme park ride? Finite! Creating a new animated series? We're all ears and ideas.


Products associated with characters have earned tremendous amounts of money and name recognition. Are you ready for that kind of success? Our experience as animators, illustrators and all-around scamps gives us as warped and twisted an imagination as you can, well, imagine.

The characters were designed for use in children's shows, live action projects, feature films (like the logos and tatoos in Adam Sandler's The Waterboy), puppets and animated projects, storefronts, posters, theme parks, 3D animation and books. All characters shown were designed for clients and are copyrighted to A&S Animation, American Cancer Society, Ravenmoon Entertainment, Florida Waters and Pixel Factory. Characters may not be used without express written permission by owner. Animatics & Storyboards, inc. does carry a line of pre-designed characters available for licensed use. (i.e.: They cost less than an original design.)

Please contact us through e-mail or at 321-217-1254 for more information.


Animatics & Storyboards, Inc.
marksimonbooks (at) yahoo.com

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