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Episode: Mall Mania
Our latest animatic episode of our intrepid heroes:


The Characters:

Luke and Reece are identical and delusional twin toddlers whose very different personalities ignite into baby brawl smackdowns as they protect the world from dangers only they can see.

Reece SimonReece
Reece is such a rigid rule follower that when Mom commands him to, “Stay put!” he won’t move a muscle no matter what chaos unfolds around him. He’s obedient to a fault and incapable of lying. Some would call him a goody-goody, but few (except Luke) would call him that to his face. Much like the Two and a Half Men’s Alan, he’s neat and finicky, but he’s also quite clever, super loyal and protective of his Mom and Luke. However, when pushed by Luke, Reece will retaliate with his entire toddler ferocity.

Luke SimonLuke
Luke is a rebel bent on doing things his way and getting away with it. He acts before he thinks and will break rules when he thinks he knows better. Of course, when he can pass the blame onto Reece, all the better.

While Luke’s hair and clothes are always a mess, his bravery is pure. With a sly grin and a wink, he’ll win anyone over in any situation. (Those baby-blue puppy-dog eyes are to DIE for!) He’ll do anything to protect his Mom and brother.

While he has no problem hanging his brother by his diaper, you better not touch a hair on Reece’s head.

Mom SimonMom
Mom is as clearly bi-polar as she is a brilliant scientist. She adores her “sweet boys” and is routinely engaged in some random, extreme behavior. She can go from sweet ditzy Mom to barking barracuda in the blink of an eye. Mom is completely oblivious to the adventures of her precocious kids, and the boys (and viewers) are rather oblivious to what she is up to as well. This midwestern Mom can be extremely physical and relishes doing things the hard way. She doesn’t just make dinner, she literally hunts it. She’s a mix of the wide-eyed naïve Mom down the street and Sarah Palin.

Dimitri is an inept Slavic spy who will do whatever it takes to steal the DNA-altering baby milk formula (or so he thinks) that Mom developed for her twins. To infiltrate Luke and Reece’s house, Dimitri adopts lame disguises like Pablo the pool boy or Vlad the snoopy pizza delivery man that fool everyone but Luke and Reece. Some of his lamest disguises have also included Lilly the overly enthusiastic Tupperware saleswoman, Sampson the clutzy, long-haired personal trainer, Mr Putini the flamboyant interior decorator and Mrs Doubtflame the nanny with an abnormally large and undulating growth on her neck. Dimitri mistakes the costumed boys as competing spies who always get the best of him. Regardless of the pain Luke and Reece inflict on him, he always comes back for more.



Jeanne Simon
Jeanne's work as a producer for over 400 shows such as Nickelodeon's Clarissa Explains It All, Roundhouse, International Blue's Clues, Allegra's Window, Cartoon Network's Carrot Top's A.M. Mayhem, and TNN's Roller Jam have made her one of the most respected, "in-demand" producers in television production. Weinerville, which Jeanne produced for Nickelodeon, was nominated for an Ace Award. Jeanne was co-developer of the hit animation Timmy's Lessons In Nature.

She also created an entire network and the programming for Turner Broadcasting called The Web, which was greenlit by Ted Turner.


Mark is a creative powerhouse with over 3,000 production credits and more than 100 international awards, overseeing three companies that he built. Animatics & Storyboards, Inc. is the largest storyboard house on the East coast, and A&S Animation, Inc. He is also the author of Storyboards : Motion in Art and animation articles for various industry magazines. He's been a production designer in film, TV, and animation; directed award-winning animations; was a syndicated cartoonist; and owned an award-winning advertising firm. His series Timmy's Lessons In Nature has been seen on Nicktoons, G4, Comedy Central Mobile, Spike & Mike and won Grand Prize in Nickelodeon's first-ever Nicktoons Film Festival.

He is the animation producer of Fox's Tooth Fairy 2, starring Larry the Cable Guy and is the head of story on WB's upcoming Hong Kong Phooey feature starring Eddie Murphy.

The real LUKE and REECE Simon

Luke and Reece SimonLuke and Reece Simon are the identical twin boys of creators Jeanne and Mark Simon. These SAG eligible boys have been raised in front of the camera and are a never ending source of inspiration.

Nightly bedtime stories to calm these mini-maniacs down resulted in regular episodes of Baby Ninjas, aka Luke & Reece Save The World.

The episodes are driven by the boy’s true personalities and their real-life accomplishments. They are both black belts in Tae Kwon Do and are two-time National Champions.

Treatment available.

For more information, contact Mark Simon at 407-370-2673.


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marksimonbooks (at) yahoo.com

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