Lessons in Nature is a part of Spike and Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation, Full Frontal.

All 3 Timmy shorts are included in this 'Adults Only' collection.

Lessons In Nature

  1. Avoid Snakes. Timmy uses a stick to say “howdy” to a rattler.
  2. Aim When Cow Tipping. Timmy learns he should watch where he is running.
  3. Avoid Rabid Animals. Timmy gets chummy with a rabid fox.
  4. Avoid Skunks. It’s bottoms up when Timmy researches skunks.
  5. Avoid Dark Holes. Nature Boy prods around in a hole that fights back.
  6. Avoid Dark Holes. Timmy sticks his head into the hollow of a tree finds out that killer bees can fly out your butt.
  7. Don’t Feed the Animals. A grizzly bear and Timmy share a Ho-Ho.
  8. Don’t Feed the Animals. Timmy is the Happy Meal on the field mouse menu.
  9. Avoid Wasp Nests. Much to Timmy’s surprise an allergy to wasp stings really does mean you can blow up to 3 times your size.
  10. Beware of Animals With Their Young. Nature Boy learns that a mother’s love equals a Cujo attack on anyone who gets too friendly with her babies.
  11. No Flash Photography. Nature boy gets batty.
  12. TimmyKeep A Safe Distance. Timmy invades a buffalo’s comfort zone.
  13. Beware of Babies. Timmy learns the painful difference between bob cats and house cats.
  14. Wild Animals Are Not For Riding. Timmy saddles a moose.
  15. Make Noise While Hiking. Timmy learns why animals don’t throw surprise parties.
  16. No Running In The Herd. Not even Nature Boy’s Nike’s can keep pace with the caribou.
  17. Wild Animals Are Not Good Pets. Nature Boy finds out why gators aren’t called Spot.
  18. Do Not Scare Animals. With one smooch of a porcupine, Timmy wins the body piercing contest.
  19. Don’t Touch Baby Animals. Timmy finds out that cute, little chicks have big, bad mamas.
  20. Look Before You Leap. Timmy learns that once in the air – don’t look down.
  21. Look Before You Leap. The “shallow water” sign isn’t just a ploy to keep Timmy from swimming.
  22. Don’t Play With Fire. Nature Boy stares down the business end of a blow torch and gets toasted.
  23. No Littering. A finicky bear fines Timmy two legs and an arm for littering.
  24. Avoid unknown plants. Timmy eats mushrooms and sees pretty colors.
  25. Avoid Fire Ants. Timmy finds out that the only thing worse than a fire ant bite is...well, nothing.
  26. No Monkeying Around. Timmy becomes the chimps’ best friend when he brings a lice lunch.


STORYBOARD - 7 Minute Timmy Short - THE QUEST
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Timmy, blue collar


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Long-form versions of Timmy, The Troop (his band of misfit outdoors-boys), include other characters such as the Backwoods Boys, a group of inbred mountain cuzins.

The Troop

Backwoods Boys
Backwoods Boys

Butterfly Girls
Butterfly Girls

The Troop Storyboard - Ice Fishin'. 64 MB PDF file. Download HERE.

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