Scary Things 1-sheet


What are the SCARY THINGS?

Who are the SCARY THINGS?

Where are the SCARY THINGS?

Things may not always be what they seem...

Nightmare monsters, boogie men, angelic children, bed bugs, ghosts and ghouls all have their own fears...

and different ways to deal with them. 


1: Alex has to deal with his nightmares, but is he really scared or is he just having fun? (in-progress above)

2. Alex's twin brothers have arrived and they give a new meaning to 'Scary Things'.

3. Alex and the twins have a new dog. Now the monsters of the house run around on 2 legs and 4 legs.

4. Alex and the twins are left with a tough baby-sitter. She may not be so tough by morning.

Created by and directed by award-winning director, Mark Simon

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