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A&S Animation, Inc. specializes in character animation, whether in 2D, Flash, CG or stop motion. We are developing (who isn't) and in production (whew) on a number of projects for all ages. We have shows for pre-schoolers, pre-teens, teens, young adults, and adults with a bizarre sense of humor. You can peruse, at will, any of our wonderful shows below.

A&S Animation ShowsWe recently produced the animation for Fox, Larry The Cable Guy's feature film Tooth Fairy 2.

Our best known project is Timmy's Lessons In Nature. Timmy premiered in September of 2001 in Los Angeles as a part of the newest Spike & Mike Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation. Before you hurt yourself rolling your eyes, we should tell you that the same animations have won childrens' film festivals, so it can't be too rough. Timmy also won Grand Prize in Nickelodeon's first Nicktoons Film Festival. In addition to Timmy's Lessons In Nature, A&S also produced My Wife Is Pregnant, a series of 10 one minute shorts that deal with the trials and tribulations of pregnancy on new moms and dads. We also have a series of 30 second animated comic strips based on Mark Simon's strip Hollyweird. These animations and others are streaming on mobile phone systems around the world.

Castle Selling Secrets is an animated training video for Realtors to show their clients to help them properly prep their home for sale. The co-Executive Producer is award-winning Broker Ted Simon. Ted is one of the top Realtors in the state of Texas, has built huge custom homes and was one of the top engineers at Shell. Castle Selling Secrets takes all of his home selling knowledge and makes you laugh and learn. This video will be 24 minutes long when we complete it, and totally filled with humor. This is a project close to our heart.

We're always up to something, (or many things), so make sure you keep in touch.

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